Wafer Kit - Pepitorias


Our wafers (pepitorias) make it clear that the nutritious is not fought with the delicious. They are an excellent option as a healthy snack, ideal for any time of day. Share with friends and family! The kit has:

- 3 packs OBLEA COLOR PEPITAS 4 pcs / 60 gr
- 2 packs AMARANTO OBLEA 3 pcs / 45 gr
- 2 packs OBENA AVENA 3 pcs / 45 gr
- 3 packs CHOCOLATE OBLEA 3 pcs / 60 gr

100% Mexican company in the creation of handmade amaranth sweets.

Ana Paola
He probado estos productos antes, son muy frescos y con ingredientes naturales!! Pruébenlos les van a encantar!!!!
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