Build and have fun exploring the deeps of the ocean with the Piedra, Papel o Tijeras submarine. Paint it your way and invite all your friends to go deep into the ocean and live the best aquatic adventures.

We are Piedra, Papel o tijeras and we are focused in offering sustainable products that provide a unique entertaining and learning experience. All our models start form an adventure tale, that teaches the kids a special value for their development. Once finished, the story takes them to the instructions to set up the main stage from the story to their room, a 3D model made from cardboard measuring +1-5 m high, so it can be assembled with their parents and strengthen family bonds. Each model includes a painting kit, so they can practice their creativity and paint it as they want. At last, each model includes a package of pine seeds, all of the materials we use comes from certified forests where earth is not damaged and the forest is self-sustained.


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