Mezcal x 3 - Tamarindo


Drink made from young agave cupreata mezcal, natural tamarindo pulp.Drink made from agave young cupreata mezcal, juice and natural tamarind pulp. As food, tamarind is consumed in many ways, and not only in Mexico. It should be noted that this exotic fruit is native to India, but as many things in our country we adopt them and want them as ours. Now you can also enjoy its unique taste in a new way that is incredible. <<<This brand does not ship outside of Mexico>>>





<<<This brand does not ship outside of Mexico>>> We bring together the essence of Mexico and our love for distilled agave drinks. The perfect mixture of flavors makes our product simply extraordinary, the perfect quantity of alcohol in a beautiful presentation inspired by Mexican crafts.
Whether as a great appetizer or an excellent digestive, for falling in love or disenchantments, to arm yourself with courage or heal a broken heart, to accompany a great joy or overcome sadness.
“Para todo mal mezcal, para todo bien también… y si es con sabor mucho mejor” We could not describe it better!


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