Mezcal Tepaztate - 750 ml


Balanced aromas of herbs and wet earth. Herbal and fresh flavors at the tip and output intense, citrus and earthy flavors, its aftertaste is subtle with light notes of cooked agave.

It is recommended to accompany with fish, seafood and citrus.


Winner of the Silver medal in 2016 in the V National Contest Brands of Mezcal and Mexican Spirits, awarded by the Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C.


Approximate age of agave: 12 years

Class: Young

Alcoholic richness: 45% Alc. Vol.

Presentation: 750 ml

** This product has restrictions for international shipments. Available only for the Mexican Republic.

Mezcal is cataloged as part of the Mexican culture. Its history is full of life experiences created by the communities that produce it with a lot of management of plants knowledge. That is why in each of our bottles you will find richness, ancient traditions and love for the land that saw the plant grow.
Mezcal Augurio is not only part of the Mexican culture, we integrate the traditions of Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca and the passion of the producers who work our land with wisdom, managing to elaborate the elixir of the gods.


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