Mezcal Libra x Libra


Mezcal Artesanal. Made in Oaxaca.
Mezcal Espadín Jovén by Agave Angustifolia 750 ml
Maestro Mezcalero: Francisco Arrañaga Patrón
For Mexicans who reinvent themselves daily to find new ways and thus achieve their goals.
Celebrate your triumphs with Libra x Libra the #MezcalWinnerOfMexico.

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Libra x Libra offers the world a product impregnated with traditions, customs and unique values ​​that merge into every drop of our mezcal, characterized by its great quality and flavor given by the combination of dedication and hard work of our master mezcalero Francisco Arrañaga Patrón, always sharing triumphs of a brave and winning country like Mexico. Due to its content and image, Libra x Libra stands out and meets the highest established quality standards, giving consumers unique experiences with their close and / or dear ones.

Miguel Angel Gonzalez Linares
Tiene un sabor muy agradable al paladar!! Apto para cualquier gusto en bebidas desde el más novato al más experimentado
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