Mezcal Dangerous Don

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Distilled mezcal with coffee. 48% Alc. Vol.
Region: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Mexico


Agave variety: Espadín
Category: Ancestral - Artisan - Industrial
Class: Young - Aged - Rested - Abocado - Matured -
Distilled with Sight: Shiny Crystal

- Conical earth and stone oven
- Stone mill
- Wooden fermentation vat
- Distillation in copper alembic (x3)

Alcoholic wealth: 48% Alc. Vol.
Content: 750 ml

Unique artisanal mezcal in Mexico of coffee distillate

Alfredo S. Tovar
Increíble sabor y calidad ! La botella es simplemente única
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