2 bottles - Organic Agave Syrup 510 gr


You can use it in desserts, teas, shakes or your favorite beverage, because it provides fewer calories than conventional sugar and sweetens more. In addition, it helps control cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure and thanks to its high energy content it is ideal for athletes. In moderation, diabetic people can consume it, since agave syrup does not require insulin to be metabolized. Content 510 gr.

We are Organic Mayamel and we believe that the world is changed from within, starting with what we eat and the way we do it, because what we give ourselves we share with others. We want to offer you products made with love, for you and for the Earth. Organic Mayamel was born from our own need to have products with high nutritional value, produced in an organic way, healthy and showing the richness that exists throughout Mexico. We believe that we are what we eat and in the search for an integral conscience for our body and our planet we try to do our bit to nourish our body with healthy and sustainable food.


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