SUPERMEX. With this book the reader can imagine the punishment he has always wanted towards the criminals that hit a country like Mexico. The main character is a superhero endowed with powers, which you will discover through their pages. This superhero has allies in the Mexican Army and in the fictitious government. The punishments will seem too severe and violent, but remember that it is a book of fiction, the purpose of this novel is to entertain the public and imagine that in justice with powers, could defeat white-collar criminals and armed. You will find it funny that a powerful being is the only one capable of establishing a social order in a community that is plagued by crime and organized crime. SUPERMEX, is the first Mexican superhero to fight for justice in his country, is a man like any other, who acquires powers and uses them to punish political leaders, finding several allies to help him in his crusade, politicians, military and civil servants honest publics who are also tired of the injustices of corrupt officials and politicians who loot a country and keep it terrified with the actions of criminal groups that are accomplices of this mafia of power.

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